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The end of the last year, the 2018, was an very exciting period from personal and from profesional points of view. Hard work, dedication and commitment to professional growth was awarded with being featured in all top printed and online magazines in Qatar!

Key Speaker at Index Qatar 2018. ‘Sustainability and efficiency in architecture: towards the World Cup and towards the future with technology, sustainable design and innovation’

The impact of the Fifa World Cup 2022 on the local design and fit-out market will be significant. Hromo said,”The market is booming with new technologies and design solutions; several have been specially developed for the 2022 World Cup. For example, the Bayt Line construction fabric was developed by the Serge Ferrari group in France and will be used on the New Al Bayt Stadium. As designers, we now have the opportunity to implement these unique solutions on non-World Cup projects too.” 
Qatar, he added, has become a focal point for numerous global markets. Qatar Chamber last year recorded a 13.4 percent increase in the number of registered companies – with the total number reaching almost 80,000.”As designers in Qatar, it is up to us to establish how are we going to embrace these massive opportunities and how far will be able to innovate in our own projects.”

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Interview for Sarajevo Times

At the Opening of the National Museum of Qatar, as Honorary Cultural Ambassador for Qatar Museums.

For the past few years I have been blessed with many opportunities to share my story, my views and opinions but also give advices to others in the fields of architecture and business. Last week I was interviewed by Ms. Zejna Yesilyurt from “Sarajevo Times”.

”Sarajevo Times” is currently the only Bosnian portal that reports news from Bosnia and Herzegovina in English,  at the same time respecting European standards of professional and objective journalism.
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